Sunday, March 6, 2011


Whew, I’ve been up to a lot, writing-wise. Critiques really make you go "Ohhhhhh." It’s so weird how something can make perfect sense to you but no one else. I have tons of ideas of what to fix to make it, you know. Understandable. It still won’t be ready to query, but it will be critiqued with fewer red lines! : D

Also, I’ve been thinking about updating my blog’s image. It’s been about six months so I guess it’s about time to make things more interesting. I’ll see if I can get it up by the end of the month.

Out of context, that last sentence can look very dirty.

Anyway, I have to admit, I’m not very good with computers. I took three different computer classes in high school and while I remember how to take one apart and put it back together (don’t hold me to this, but I think I can do it) I cannot for the life of me figure out coding or software or any of that stuff. Further proof that talent isn’t genetic: my father is a systems analyst. I have no idea what it is he actually does.

So don’t expect major changes. I’ll be lucky if I can get it to run. I’ll also be lucky not to instigate a war between computers and humanity.


  1. Hehe, good luck! Even if you fail, you've always got Blogger's simple template and an awesome banner or cool background for back up. ;)

  2. Every time I try to change my blog - everything stops working and it takes me all day to change it back. I have a friend who will do this for me but I have to figure out what I want first - this is the hard part.

  3. It took me two paragraphs to recover from the "that last sentence can look very dirty". So I had to go back and read them again.

    The good news is, Blogger templates are easy to play with. The bad news is, playing with them can be addictive.

  4. My husband does everything imaginable with a computer and yet I panic if something wigs out with my Word program. So don't feel bad.
    I had computer in high school, too. We worked in binary code and BASIC. Yeah, it's been a few years! LOL

  5. Good luck! If your computer starts telling you that its name is Skynet just step away from the keyboard...

  6. You can take apart your computer? I bow to your genius. I can barely find the right lid for my tupperware.


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