Thursday, March 31, 2011

Same As The Old Boss

Yeah, it wasn’t a major overhaul. I was planning to upload a better picture of me but I don’t have a webcam on this laptop (it’s ancient…almost three years old) and my stupid crummy camera won’t work with said laptop. Most annoying. So you’re stuck with what I found on my hard drive until I can get something that f’ing WORKS.

But there are some new features. In addition to the “About Me” section above, I’ve added an “Awards” section, where I thank and give credit to all the good people who have thought me worthy of recognition. For some reason, there seems to be quite a few.

Finally, there’s also a “Specials” page, where I’ll list all the contests, blogfests, giveaways and other news going on with my writing pals. We writers are a generous sort, giving away books, gift cards and critiques, so I thought it might be nice to have a place where it’s all together. I’m sure I haven’t listed everything that’s going on in the writing blogosphere, but leave me a comment—at any time—and I’ll put you and your contest up there. Email or Twitter is also fine.

Whew! Glad that's finally done. 

Oh, who am I trying to kid? This barely took two hours.


  1. Nice job, Jeanne. Your picture is beautiful. It should be on the home page! I remember movie star Jeanne Crain from my childhood. I always liked the name Jeanne, and I think it suits you well.

  2. Nice picture. You look like a scary Agent person ready to tell an author how bad his or her work sucks.

  3. Some good ideas. I might have to steal some of them (if I ever get around to doing something with my blog). Looks good.

  4. I want you to know that I've been pronouncing your name correctly all along! I'd give myself a cookie, but it's still Lent...

  5. I am going to bribe my daughter to re-design my site. She is really good at stuff like that.
    Anyway, Ilove your posts, and your site.
    Are you any relation to Jeanne Fritz, who writes historical fiction like "George Washinton's Breakfast"?

  6. I'm hoping I'll be better at replying to comments now!

    Ann: Thank you! It's never been my favorite name, but I guess that's just because it's mine.

    Michael: He-he-he. Scary is just what I was going for.

    Choices: Thanks! Smiles back at you!

    Liz: Sure, go right ahead!

    Su: Well, have the cookie after Lent is done. It will still count.

    Susan: Thanks! Good luck with the redesign! And no, I'm not any relation to that Jeanne Fritz. Just a coincidence that we have the same name, I guess.


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