Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oi, It's Still Tough

Ha ha! Just wanted to say thanks to all the advice from yesterday. The consensus seems to be to let it rest for a while, but I just hate putting it down until I'm satisfied with it, especially when my brain is in editing mode. I think I'll move onto another part and see what I can do there.

I'd also like to say, the advice from my critique partners has been just great. They've given me a lot to work on, another reason I'm not ready to take a break yet.

Overall, editing is a tricky business. Even when you know what you're looking for, you can miss it. You can be your toughest critic and still think a sentence makes sense when it doesn't. Or that sometimes, you throw things out there that have no relation to the story (guilty!).

If I had to give some advice (besides "Get a second opinion...and a third") it would be to write down all your bad writing habits and take a look at them before editing each chapter. You have to keep those things fresh in your mind when you go through your MS. And remember you aren't reading for pleasure! That's a hard one for me, and I think it's why I miss things. I get lost in the story--bad. I think brief breaks every twenty minutes helps reset your brain.

My two cents. Any further advice?


  1. While editing I find it best to read out loud - you find a lot more mistakes that way because you are no longer anticipating or not as much.

  2. Great point. It's easy to get trapped in the neverending revisions. My best tip is to let it sit for a month before revisiting, or to revise chapters at random times instead of chronologically.

  3. Getting critique partners to help you figure out your bad habits is one of the best tools.

  4. Take walks. Not long ones, just long enough to give you something else to look at for a few minutes.

  5. I’m also guilty of slipping into ‘reading for pleasure’ mode when editing my manuscript, rather than staying super critical about every word. I like your advice about making a list of bad writing habits and checking them before each editing session – I’m going to take that on board.

    Best of luck with your editing! :)


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