Sunday, March 20, 2011


If you start lifting weights and you jump from five pounds to twenty-five, you're bound to get hurt. The same goes for writing projects! You may not tear a muscle off your arm, but you can still get overloaded. Mental-breaks can be just as bad. Sometimes, you just can't keep piling the writing on.

Same goes for me. The Second Crusader Challenge is up at Rach Harrie's blog, but I don't think I can do this one. Part of it is that I'm no good at flash fiction. I may be a pantser, but I need to think about the idea for a while before I start typing it. The other part is that I'm deep in the throes of editing, and I don't want to pull up focus from that. I really like how my MS is shaping up but apparently, I've a long way to go (that darn first chapter is killing me!).

Poo. I'm really bummed I can't join in the challenge, especially because the last one was a lot of fun. But, as I keep reminding myself, the MS has to come first. Right? Right. Otherwise, you might end up with a pulled muscle in your brain.


  1. Oh, I know the feeling of getting overloaded... I'm in the middle of marking papers, writing two books...

    Can't have that pulled muscle going off in the brain, right?

  2. But you've got until Friday. Are you going to give in now? At some point this week, you're going to need to take a break from the editing, and what's better than something unrelated to the editing to give you that break?

    Take a step back...

    And I'm terrible at flash fiction too. We can be terrible together.

    Okay, encouragement over.

  3. Yes. Don't pull any brain muscles.

    I don't even know what flash fiction is. I'll need to figure that out before I decide to participate or now.

  4. Hey Still Writing,

    Sorry that you couldn't come to Second Crusader's challenge. It would be more fun with you in game!! Anyway, don't overburden yourself and keep going at your own unique pace!!

    with warm regards


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