Friday, March 25, 2011

Distraction Friday

Today for Distraction Friday, I’m sharing with you one of my favorite webcomics: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal by Zach Weiner. The name is ambiguous for a reason. There is no plot, characters or story between strips. Every single one stands alone, which, on one hand, means that anything can (and does) happen, but on the other, means each one must connect with the audience without relying on history to build trust. One of the attractive points in writing a sequel is that bond you’ve already created with the audience. This comic doesn’t do that at all.

It still manages to be pretty damn awesome, too. 

There are more than two thousand comics, so I’m just going to focus on what I think is the best one for us writing types. It's one of those things that's all too true...


  1. Too funny. Consider yourself validated :)

  2. Lol! That chart made me laugh a lot. Thanks for sharing! I especially like the stared note. So true!

    Erin @ Quitting My Day Job

  3. This is a most delightful chart. I also like the starred note the best!

  4. Someday I will learn not to click when you start your blog posts with "distraction". I mean, it's not like you didn't warn me! ;)

    Send your mailing address to me: cheekysu AT gmail DOT com, and I shall send you a lovely Austin postcard directly. And let me know if/when you want to guest post!

  5. OMG this is fun. Thanks for posting.

  6. Love the comic! BTW- nice to "meet" you :)

  7. great comic! lol,

    perfect for a discussion i was having just the other day!

  8. ahahaha. This is great. Sarah Ketley just linked me to this, since I just did a whole post on the things NEVER to say to an author, and, well, I'm glad she did. :-)

    <3 Gina Blechman


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