Sunday, March 13, 2011

To Do

In an effort to organize better, I've made a to-do list. On it is a bunch of editing tasks I should be able to do today, and there's no reason not to. Also on it is doing a blog post. So by writing about it here, I've already completed one task!

Actually, I also have an editing to-do list. While it helps me see how much further I have to go, it doesn't help me gauge how much I can do in one day. It's also more general, filled with words I need to find and eliminate (just, I'm looking at you) and other editing related tasks. This new one is more like a list of chores.

How do you guys stay on top of your editing? Do you organize lists? Do you dive right in? I'd love to hear about it because I always need a push when editing.


  1. Editing isn't something that I find easily organized. I do sometimes set a page goal, or a chapter goal. For eliminating words, you can do and search and highlight for words like "Just" and "was". That helps me find them when I am editing. Good luck with your edits.

  2. Oh, I just dive in. I have so many to-do lists at work that sometimes I don't want a list at home. However, there are times where I do make some small lists.

  3. I don't organize the editing itself, but it is definitely an item on the bigger to-do list.

  4. I find I am editing while writing, and re-editing as the manuscript moves along. I don't know if that works for everybody, though.

  5. I tend to dive right in - don't get organised about it. I also make notes as I go, i.e. "To do" lists, but not particularly ordered.

    I just finished editing a pair of chapters that took me AGES to get through, and the one I'm on now is (I think) going to be much easier. So I look forward to getting to that tonight after work!

  6. For a super close edit i write a list of *targeted stuff*
    I choose a chapter/paragraph.
    then i have a list of prime targets that i look out for.
    1. does the sentence make sense
    2. spelling
    3. tense (is it right)
    4. Have i included unnecessary -ly words
    5. Look at each "speech" tag and edit them ruthlessly.
    6. target words that i overuse *insert yours here*
    7. over use of *dashes* *exclamation marks* and *question marks*
    8. Continuity. i check every name to make sure they are right. So easy to slip a silly name in from time to time.
    9. remove all unnecessary words to tighten the MS

    This is just an example of things i look for. Normally one read per thing. It depends however on what you need to work on.

    Just what I do, anyway

    good luck


  7. I just dive in. Good luck with your to-dos..

  8. I need a list if I am to get anything done, lol. Marking things off the list feels great too. :)


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