Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tweet THIS!

Last night on Twitter, I was fed up with receiving tweet after tweet of followers from #teamfollowback. For those who don't know, #teamfollowback is a hashtag used by tweeters who almost exclusively tweet who is following them. Yes, the exposure is nice, but for someone who is interested in seeing what her twitter friend's are up to, it just clogs my feed. Honestly, it's one step above spam, and it isn't even a big step.

I already unfollowed one person because it was so constant. I really like following people on twitter. It's how I've come across several interesting blogs and made friends with other writers. I follow people that I think I can learn from or just want to support. And you know what? I hope that's why people follow me. If they just want another follower, fine. I don't suppose there's anything wrong with that. Provided you don't spam me with followers or deals on bad products.

Nor do I think it's wrong to do Follow Friday or Writer Wednesday. It's one of those any-friend-of-yours-is-a-friend-of-mine things, and it's a way to find more like minded individuals. And if you want to give a shout out to new followers, go ahead! It's a way to say thank you.

The problem comes like most problems: when people don't stop. This isn't tweeting, it's advertising others so they'll advertise you back and maybe net you more followers. But guess what? Having twenty thousand followers isn't a sign of popularity or celebrity. How many of those people actually know you, care about what you say? If you're a follower spammer, probably not many.

Twitter is a social network, social referring to interactions between people and network referring to connections. Follower spam is neither. At best, it is advertisement, and what do people do with incessant advertisements? They delete them, throw them away. If I want more followers, I'll look under my interests, thank you. If they don't follow back, it isn't the end of the world.

So tweeters, please join me at #teammayormaynotfollowback. Because I'd like to know what you think, not who you follow.


  1. ahh... unfortunately I can't get into twitter.. I joined a few months ago but I forgot my password..

    But I definitely will get back into it.. for my blogs sake

  2. Yup - agree with you on that. For me, it depends on the subject the follower is focusing upon and whether it piques my interest. Also, if there is something in which I can benefit and grow. Twitter strikes me as a competitive game.

  3. Ah, is that what the hashtag means? I had a few of those, but couldn't figure out why they were doing #FF for me when I'd never heard of them. So I was forced by my inner voice to ignore them. And you want to know what I think, eh? I think I edit too many writers who overwrite. Sadly, I also overwrite. For example, that sentence just prior used to say, "Sadly, and with complete honesty and regret, I am forced to admit that on occasion, and sometimes more frequently, I tend to maybe, perhaps, overwrite a wee bit." But then my editor self took over and made it all lovely again.
    See ya!


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