Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thoughts At Large

Because I've been busy all day (and by busy, I mean watching movies and goofing off in general), I don't have much planned blog-wise. So here are a bunch of thoughts, observations and trivia. Enjoy!

---When on a bus where every seat has one person in it, women will choose to sit with other women before men, men will choose to sit with women before other men.
---When The Simpsons first came on, it was derided for its portrayal of the American family. Now, the Catholic church is endorsing it.
---Fifteen years ago, if anyone had Internet access on their computer, it was through a phone line.
---People who live in the Himalayas have genetically evolved to use less oxygen than normal. It has happened in a relatively short amount of time (as in 5 generations), so short that scientists can't explain how this change has happened.
---They're all chickens. A male chicken is a rooster, a female chicken is a hen.
---The song Brimful of Asha by the band Cornershop is a tribute to Indian singer Asha Bhosle, who is known for having sung in over 12,000 songs.
---There are people out there who actually like The Room.
---My uncle lives in a heavily wooded area that, for some reason, is full of old cars left there to rust.
---Tofurky, though nice for turkeys, tastes like crap. Granted, I'm a picky eater, but this is just awful.
---Star Trek was the first show to have an interracial kiss. Can you believe that was a big deal? They had to make it "forced" for the characters. But William Shatner actually fought to be the one to kiss Nichelle Nichols.
---Of course, we don't see men/men or women/women kisses much, do we?
---According to Stephen Colbert's twitter, the rally to restore sanity and/or fear attracted six billion people. I guess some of China didn't make it.
---Remember scripted shows? I miss those.
---Bloggers will pull a wide variety of facts out of their ass in order to avoid an actual post.


  1. I found these strangely fascinating. Thank you.

  2. Loved them all especially the last one. hehe

    I came over from Theresa's Halloween haunting. (I love being busy, er, goofing off)

  3. A very fun post!
    Happy Halloween!


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