Tuesday, March 14, 2023

From The Spamfiles

 Spam day!

Message from Mr Oliver Edde with a Business Proposal.
The business proposal is me giving him my bank account numbers.

Message from Mrs. Ameena Essa, asking how I’m doing and saying that she emailed me yesterday.
I’m just going to assume this is another cancer widow and move on.

Message from Provide Insurance saying welcome 3067, as low as $38 a month insurance coverage.
3067? How did you know my real name?

Message from CONFIRM, saying payout verification, check your account information, but for some reason there’s lines above all the letters.
Okay I really want to know how this one got all those lines up there, why they’re different lengths, and why a few have two lines. This is the kind of thing that’s really going to bug me.

Spam blog comment in another language, but with the English phrases Slot Pragmatic, Diamond Strike, and Mobile Friendly, and lots of links saying “pragmatic Diamond Strike” and “pragmatic joker jewels”. Yes, they all have pragmatic in them.
What’s with all the pragmatics? That seems like a weird phrase to use for what I assume is some kind of online slot machine. I really want to find this guy and as what makes it so pragmatic.


  1. Funny thing is there used to be a real Edi who blogged. Definitely not him!

  2. What's a good synonym for pragmatic? Because whatever program they used to translate is choosing the wrong word here.

  3. Surely these spammers could think of better names for their fake companies. Provide Insurance? That's just lazy...


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