Saturday, November 12, 2022


The package fairy messed up.
panel 1, I’m outside my house and seeing a package and I say Oh, good, my package is here, panel 2, a close up of the label which says it’s for C. Mendez but with no address, panel 3, I’m holding the package and say “C. Mendez? Who the hell is that?” panel 4, I take out my phone, panel 5, close up of my phone saying my package has been delivered with a picture that’s clearly not my house, panel 6, I say “Okay, that’s not my house. Clearly there has been a breakdown in the system somewhere.”
I left it outside and sure enough, it got swapped with the correct package. It was delivered directly from the store, not a shipping company, and had no address on it. Maybe if it did, the driver wouldn’t have gotten them mixed up. Though I still don’t get why I got a picture of my package at someone else’s house.


  1. No address? How did the driver even know where to go in the first place?

  2. Your package went to C. Mendez. Perhaps they complained to the store, the store realized they screwed up, and they fixed it. That's my guess. At least it was a store. A delivery company would have been a whole 'nother layer of fix.

  3. That is strange. How did the driver even know where to go if there was no address on the package? I imagine this must happen a lot if that's the way they do things.


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