Tuesday, November 15, 2022

From The Spamfiles

Let’s see all the porn bots who have followed me this week.

message from Livewire Auto saying Greg can have new auto insurance
Greg again! I think. Maybe the auto insurance is for a mysterious type of car called the GREG?

message from Evelyn saying “hei kan vi snakke”
Apparently this is Norwegian for “Hi, can we talk?” But do you know what word is the same in both Norwegian and English? No.

message from MELY saying Hi stop sending me your photos, with a lot of misused quote marks and exclamation points
Uh oh, I’m sending out photos to random people in my sleep again. I really have to stop doing that.

yet another message saying an African priest is helping a man who offered his white wife gaining six inches, and now I’m puking, and also the email ID is literally penis size
I will be so happy when this racist and sexist trend of emails dies out. Most spam I find amusing. This is just disgusting.

new twitter follower with a name that’s literally a ten digit number and a handle that’s a bunch of random numbers and letters, and they just joined this month
Well, I’ve never seen a more obvious bot that was most likely trying to screw with the election. How are forty eight people following it???


  1. I don't understand those who follow back either.

  2. Do some people just auto-follow anyone who follows them? Is that how these obvious bots get followers?

  3. Why, oh why, does that one porn spam go to everyone? It annoys me so much. (You know which one I mean. Please don't make me type it in.)

  4. Numbers bot looks like he just slept in a dumpster.

    I thought the hit ferret disposed of Greg's remains in a dumpster. Why does Greg keep coming back to life?


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