Saturday, November 19, 2022


It’s weird when stuff lines up like this.
Panel 1, me on the phone, saying “Hello,” then the person on the other end says, “Hey, random question, I’m sick, do you have any cough syrup?” Panel 2, flashback to Several Months Ago taking cough syrup out of a package, saying “What the hell…”, Panel 3, me saying “Cough syrup is not the hair mask I ordered,” Panel 4, Back To Today, me saying “I can’t believe that I do.”
I normally don’t have cough syrup because it makes my blood pressure spike, so the fact that I was randomly sent some months ago (I did a comic about it!) is pretty coincidental.


  1. I knew you did a comic about it. As I read that, I vaguely recalled a comic about a hair mask. Did you ever get the hair mask?

    They must have really needed the cough syrup. Just think, the universe randomly sent you that so you would have it on hand just when you needed it...

  2. Everything happens for a reason....

  3. The universe knew this moment would come.


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