Tuesday, November 8, 2022

From The Spamfiles

In spite of all the spam blockers out there, it always finds a way to get through.

Message from PG saying tense this muscle for one min (yes, just min) to unlock massive growth, followed by ellipsis and then BIF
Because that’s how it works. Although what the hell is “BIF” supposed to mean?
 Someone named John Hunter is responding to a message I never sent about Investment Funding, using words totally used by real, English-speaking people
Someone with the perfectly real name John Hunter wants to bridge fund with me!!!

Message from Dr. Kahana, 1MD, saying fatty liver disease is an epidemic for Americans over 50
Okay, how did I get on this mailing list?

Message from Savage Grow Plus saying white wife (ugh) caught riding three African priests (UGH)
I definitely spoke too soon. I’d much rather be on the fatty liver disease message chain. I’m going to go throw up from the racism now.

a new Twitter follower with an unnaturally proportioned Barbie doll body named Jemimah Marseilles
Anyone else weirded out by her body? Because I find it to be totally freaky. How does she have fifty six people following her? Or are they all just other porn bots?


  1. That one sounds like the beginning of a very bad and dirty joke.

  2. Definitely porn bots.

    Meanwhile, the real John Hunters of the world protest that theirs is an actual name.

  3. Porn bots. Definitely.

    I know how I got on all the old people mailing lists (before I was officially old, that is). Sadly, that means I'm on all the conservative mailing lists, too. Scary.

  4. I wish I'd known about that muscle when I was 12. Then I might not be a dwarf.


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