Tuesday, November 29, 2022

From The Spamfiles

Spam is easy to deal with, at least.

Message from “Jane Kelly” with a site suggestion about a link
Yeah, because if there’s one thing I just love, it’s unsolicited suggestions.

Message from Silver Singles saying I should make this spring special and meet like minded singles, my next chapter awaits, and it’s very excited
Have I had this rolling around in my folder for six months or do the spammers just not care what season it is? Honestly, it could be either.
Message from an address that’s just a random series of numbers and letters saying my Netflix account is on hold
Ah, yes, the standard account Netflix uses when contacting their customers.

Blog post comment in another language with the words “Slot Online” and “Poker” everywhere
This shady commenter wants me to give me a download to cheat at poker! I’m sure said download is not full of malware at all!

Twitter follower with a picture that’s just a woman’s cleavage, real classy, spammers
This woman’s boobs are following me on twitter, apparently.


  1. Yes, what a profile picture. All meant to distract the easily distracted while she picks pockets.

  2. How come I never get boobs following me on Twitter?

  3. This woman knows guys only ever look at the boobs, so she didn't even bother to try and get her face in the shot.

  4. It's even better when they email you about an account you don't even have. Yes, not at all suspicious Netflix email about an account I don't have, sure my account is on hold. I'll just go and give you all my info to unlock the account I do not have.

  5. Here of late one of the common cybercrimes is sending SMSes to people, saying that their electricity connection would be cut within two days if they don't pay up an additional fee. Or, that their bank account would be frozen if they don't re-confirm their personal credentials. There will be link, which they are supposed to click and fill in personal details.


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