Saturday, July 23, 2022

Under Control

I definitely should not see people before I’ve done my hair.
Comic of me having just woken up and my hair is sticking out in all directions; panel 1 friend says Hey I just needed to--what happened to you, I reply I just woke up; panel 2, they say and into an explosion, and I say look, I just cut my hair short and it's really humid out, panel 3 they just stare, panel 4, they say I'll have to come back later when THAT is under control, and I say you people without curly hair think you're so special.
It feels soooooo much better. But yeah, I do look total Bride Of Frankenstein when I first wake up.


  1. I don't have curly hair and I still have crazy hair when I get up in the morning. Takes a lot of water to tame it.

  2. In my experience, men tend to like that look. It makes them think of other things...

  3. I used to think like that. Then I took a razor to the scalp. :)


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