Tuesday, July 12, 2022

From The Spamfiles

Spam never disappoints. Mostly because something so stupid can’t really be disappointing.

two spam emails, ostensibly from my email address, saying A T T N Victim
Huh, apparently I’m sending these to myself. I know I always have to say “ATTN VICTIM” in order to get my attention. Otherwise how would I know?

spam email from Sharp Ear saying your lost hair can be restored, then telling me drinking one mineral can restore my hearing
Wow. It literally starts by telling me I can regrow my lost hair and in the same line goes into telling me I can restore my hearing, like it forgot which scam it was trying to pull on me mid sentence.

Spam from someone named Blessing John, with text in Slovak, including a word obviously meaning invest
I had to use Google Translate to figure out what language it is—Slovak, a language I do not speak, but with the word “investovat” in there, I think I can figure out what they’re after. And spoiler alert, I was right.
 spam from eliminate saying they want to cheat on their husband with me ew
Okay, first of all, I can’t begin to describe how detestable I find that, second of all, eliminate???? That’s just concerning.
spam saying my site is inaccessible because of the app time and date dot come despite the fact that I don't have that app
I do believe it’s important to keep things accessible for screen readers in the like (actually, I should be more conscientious about it and start putting in image descriptions). But of course I’m distracted by the fact that I don’t even have “timeanddate.com” anywhere on my blog.


  1. So, a fairly typical spam day. Sigh. It never seems to change much.

  2. Eliminate? Seriously? Does she mix her cheating with being a professional assassin?

  3. I think your sharp ears are cutting off all of your hair, therefore the two things are related.


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