Saturday, July 16, 2022

Ahhh! A Bug!

Everything she sees is a potential bug.
panel 1: me and my mom, she's screaming A bug and pointing at a blob, and I say it's a leaf; panel 2: she screams A bug and I tell her its a tuft of cat fur; panel 3, she screams A bug and I bend over and say it's just dirt; Panel 4, she screams A bug and I tell her it's not, she say that's a and I cut her off saying but it is part of one
It was a piece of a cricket, of course. Those things are always falling apart.


  1. I take it partaking in the exotic cuisine of certain parts of the world- ie, eating insects- is out.

  2. Just wait till they start getting bigger again.

  3. What's wrong with bugs? They're small and generally don't do any harm.

  4. Is it time to upgrade her glasses prescription?

  5. Some bugs can be a nuisance, and some can be harmful as well. Of course, it's a different matter that what she spotted were something else!


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