Tuesday, August 24, 2021

From The Spamfiles

My birthday’s on Thursday! So after this, I am taking a break from the internet for a week or so. Of course there will still be posts for you to scroll past in your RSS feed. Probably cat pictures. But until then, spam!

What an oddly specific number. Not $10,000, not $8,000, not $8,500, but $8,588. I really want to know why that number in particular. Also why they have a \ in between you’re there. That’s just weird.

Okay, what even is that font? It’s fancy and loopy and I must have it before the toxic mold in my house apparently kills me.

They have a surprise for me! I assume the surprise is adding spaces between the letters of words while deleting them from spaces between words.

The WORLD OF PORN! You know you want to click. The message in the body says, in French no less, “tribute to the talents of the city”. So this is a high class world of porn.
I am instantly suspicious of someone who spells “Madison” with two S’s.

Acenett is back!!!!!! He’s so confident in his scam he can tell me it’s spam even in the address line!
That’s it. I’m out until the seventh. Later!


  1. Wait... what makes you qualified to win something?
    Is it because of your birthday?
    Is it because you have... I don't know... a nose?
    Did your cat enter you in a contest?

  2. While you celebrate your birthday, the kiddos have to take a standardized test. Aren't you glad you're an adult?

    $8588: I have two guesses. One: someone ran it through a currency conversion, and in the original currency it was some round number. Two: they're appealing to a culture where 8 is good luck (China? I think it's China.).

  3. Well, enjoy your break, and have a Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy birthday!

    That very precise figure is probably the anticipated figure they can scam out of a rube before they get wise.

  5. Everyone knows French porn is the classiest porn.

    Happy Birthday!!


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