Tuesday, August 3, 2021

August Goals

Man, it’s August. On one hand, it’s my birthday month, yay! On the other hand, how did it get to be August already?
Anyway, goals…
July Goals
1. Finish the notes on my WIP and start a new editing pass focused on improving descriptions and reactions, because I’m really bad at this.
Wow, I completed this. I made five hundred notes about things to improve and fixed most of them. I’m still not sure the book is any good, but hopefully the descriptions are better.
2. Update my etymology page. It’s that time again!
Did this, too! I also changed the colors to make it a little more friendly on the eyes. Still can’t get rid of those spaces, though. I might actually have to start splitting up the words into separate pages. Maybe that’ll stop it from crashing every time I try to edit it.
3. Start the editing notes for the new WIP. Not sure I’ll have time to get to this, but it’s on the list now so I won’t forget.
And, amazingly, I’m working on this too. I needed a break from the WIP after finishing #1, so I went back to this one.
Surprisingly accomplished month in terms of writing, considering how stressful it was otherwise. Seriously, July 2021, go jump off a cliff. Now for August…
August Goals
1. Finish my editing notes on WIP 2 and hopefully get to work on them (we’ll see).
2. Get back to WIP 1 and again, work on the descriptions. I like the premise so much and think it’s really unique, and I just want the writing to live up to what I’m going for.
Have I mentioned it’s my birthday month? What do you want to do this August?


  1. Well done!
    Will you be taking most of August off?

  2. Happy birthday month. All I'm doing this month is waiting for my car and anticipating the start of a new school year (next week). Man, summer sure flew by.

  3. Birthday, hmmm? Yes, it seems you might have let that slip.

  4. Happy birthday month! You can celebrate because you've achieved so many goals. Go, you!


    I think you get to celebrate extra hard this month because you kicked so much ass last month. Seriously, nicely done!

  6. My only goal right now is start getting words on my blog again.


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