Tuesday, August 17, 2021

From The Spamfiles

Let’s see what ripe, juicy spam I have for you this week.
I don’t know, guys, what do you think? Does fat make you fat? Or am I thinking of thin? Also, what is with the line through the address? That’s just weird.

Big surprise, they want me to link to them. Besides the fact that that name is ridiculous (Tutoo???), the post they’re asking me to put the link on (which got cut off here, sorry) is from nearly ten years ago. I’m thinking you’re not going to get much traffic from that.

This might be the first time I’ve seen random quotes used accurately, since as we all know, this reminder is definitely not real.

These guys again. Even if I owned a home, I’m not selling it for cash over the internet. Because I’m not stupid.

Rosita is interested in me! You might not be able to make it out, but her email address is apparently rosita.dimbo@something.com. Dimbo! That’s just hilarious.

Well, the name Acenett M Vasquez is absolutely the winner of the week here. Great name or greatest name?
The answer is greatest. Clearly the greatest.


  1. Acenett. Nope, just can't picture someone named Acenett.

  2. I'm sure I've heard better.
    Better actual names.
    But sense I'm no good showing pronunciation, I have no way to express them.

  3. Acenett is pretty great. I don't think any of the 9th graders I had in class today beat it.

  4. Because actual lenders randomly email people.

  5. I'm struggling to figure out how you'd even pronounce that name...


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