Tuesday, November 5, 2019

November Goals

It’s November! What am I going to do this month? Well, first I need to see what I was supposed to do last month…

October Goals
1. Work on notes and edit WIP-1. I have some rewrites to do, and reorganizing, then I need to get more people to read it. Hint hint.
I did all this! Then I got more notes that made me realize I needed to change a bunch more stuff! Which I didn’t do! It’s never ending.

2. Start an editing plan for WIP-2 and possibly start editing that, depending on how much free time I have.
I did do this, although of course I’m berating myself for not doing MORE.

3. Start writing things like query letters, taglines, and synopses for WIP-1. I can’t believe it’s finally come to this.
I did this as well. Of course, they’re terrible because these are just the worst things ever. I’ll probably need people to give me notes on these as well. Ugh.

It’s not bad, I just wish I hadn’t run out of steam towards the end of the month. I’d open my WIP and just stare at it because I had no energy to work on it, which is a total bummer. I hate it when I go through these low periods.

Anyway, November…

November Goals
1. Finish the rewrites and reorganizing for WIP-1, then hopefully get it out to more beta readers.

2. Edit the synopsis and et al. and get some help looking at that, too.

3. Thanksgiving! So I’ll have to deal with that, too. Hopefully it will provide me with a much needed recharge and not total dread.

Let’s see what the month will hold. What do you guys have planned?


  1. You had a productive month. And no, edits never end if you let them.
    Plenty of people in the IWSG that can help with the query and synopsis.

  2. Edits never end. Even once the book's sitting on the shelf you look at it and think there are things you could have changed or done better.

  3. I'll reread (if you're willing to let me) after you've made your edits. But there's really no rush. It'll get done. You're making good progress. You really are.

  4. There are many sites geared to help writers fine-tune their query letter. And I really wish more writers would use them. You definitely need another set of eyeballs or more on it.

  5. Nice job on your October goals. (Really, no need to berate yourself!) Hope you can carry that momentum forward!

  6. We sensibly had Thanksgiving last month.

  7. Congrats on doing all that. I didn't meet any of my goals except to clean out some closets and that had nothing to do with writing. Thanksgiving is always fun here. We're having a record number of family and friends this holiday. The seating chart is a problem, but a pleasant one.


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