Tuesday, November 19, 2019

From The Spamfiles

It’s Spam Time!

I only date people who use proper spelling and grammar. (Also, this is so stalker-ish)

I love animals! But I am not nor will I ever be someone’s boyfriend.

I actually started getting spam about CBD oil before you couldn’t turn around without tripping over someone shouting at you about it. Spam can be a good predictor in that regard. If there’s a fad brewing, it will absolutely wind up in your spam box before you know it.

You message and you ask. And don’t forget, you enter your credit card info.

I love how there’s a random M and Y capitalized, just so you’re absolutely sure that it’s definitely spam. Or possibly a coded message. But far more likely spam.

“Looks like I’m popular”? That’s a damned lie and you know it.

Huh. Nothing for Greg this week. I hope nothing happened to him.


  1. So true about a fad brewing. I always said watch which direction the porn/XXX rated stuff is going, because that's where everything is headed. Sad but true...

  2. I am not, nor have I ever been, popular. That would be a huge clue to the spam (although the misspellings, random caps, and overuse of emojis would give it away first).

  3. I live with pain. It's the pain of knowing these morons exist and can't take a hint and stop breathing.

  4. I go for coded message. I think I may have to start including them in everything I write. I'll be a conspiracy theorists dream.
    Or something.
    Okay, well, everything I write after this, because I have no secret message, right now.


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