Saturday, November 9, 2019

Automatic Vacuum

My mom has had this vacuum cleaner problem recently.
The vacuum’s name is Jasper. He’s about nine months old, so he’s basically a teenage boy eating everything in sight. And he never shuts up. But he’s so handsome.
This picture really doesn’t do justice to his eyes. They’re a dark, vibrant orange. He could be a model.


  1. Animals make the best vacuum cleaners.
    Jasper is a handsome boy.

  2. He is a cutie! He sounds like our Hobbes. If it was on the floor, she ate it. The perfect kitty vacuum cleaner. The two we have now - not so good.

  3. Yes, teenage boys are bottomless pits. No five second rule in her house.

  4. My cat eats nothing off the floor. He smells things occasionally, but he's super picky and won't even consider it if it's not in his bowl.

  5. What a gorgeous cat! And so well trained to clean up, too.


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