Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The First Spam Comment In A While

As the title suggests, it’s been a while since I’ve received spam in my comments section (for some reason, I’m not very attractive to spammers). But then I got this one, and boy is it a doozy.
Where do I even begin. Obviously it has nothing to do with the etymology post that it was posted to. Have I even mentioned Portugal on the blog before? I don’t think so. In any case, yelling that it’s a racist country is a pretty intense way to start things.

Those links are to real articles by the way. I looked some of them up and their URLs match the ones here, which is crazy, like there isn’t even a malware site that it redirects you to. I’m not even sure what this spam is trying to accomplish other than slamming Portugal.

Is Portugal a racist country? I mean, kind of. One of those articles is about Portugal’s colonial history and how racism still permeates the culture, but… that’s true of a lot of places in Europe, and the United States as well. I’m not sure why they’re so intent on calling out Portugal for it.

Also, what’s with the hate towards Luso? I actually didn’t know this, but “Luso-Portuguese” refers to Portuguese speaking places in general. There are a ton of colleges (like a little one you may have heard of called Harvard) that call their Portuguese study programs “Portuguese and Luso-Brazilian”. Yeah it’s made up… everything is made up. And the fact that they’re talking about the DNA phenotype… what is that about? It feels more racist than the racism they’re supposedly calling out.

Finally, they spend a lot of time talking about Portugal’s poor economy. While there is some concern about it, it’s also actually doing better than it has in twenty years. There are issues, but nothing like what the comment describes. Its unemployment rate is also under 7%, a far cry from the 40% the comment claims. And the average salary being about $900 a month is accurate, but at the same time ignores that that figure is net income, after taxes, and doesn’t take into account cost of living, which is fairly low.

Portugal: not perfect, but certainly not the dystopia the comment is making it out to be. I went off on a bit of a tangent about the country, but really, inaccurate information bothers me. I’ve also never seen a spam comment not trying to sell me something or infect me with malware. It’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle.


  1. I guess someone thinks that's the best way to spread the word about their protests. But Portugal's economy isn't poor. And I just read an article about the 20 best places to retire to and Portugal was near the top of the list. (My husband said "That's a thought!")

  2. I've been getting lots of vampire spam, relatively speaking, lately, but I've never had anything like this.

  3. I've had that jackass try to pass off his idiot grudge at my blogs too, and I've just tossed it into the spam folders. There's also the Mumbai prostitute spammer, the Women Are Stupid rage spammer... and of course Google refuses to do anything about them.

  4. I've had spam like this at work, some of it directed at a country, but more often about a person the spammers claim is a horrible dictator committing crimes against humanity. Not quite sure what they think I can do about it... Especially when I can find no record of said person anywhere.

  5. I finally learned what these spam comments are all about. Backlinks. To improve the SEO of those websites, they need to have lots of links to them. Spam several hundred blogs, and suddenly those websites have several hundred backlinks, and blamo, Google results first page.

    Alas, my blog spam is the vaguely-sounding compliments. I just deleted one. Sigh.

  6. That is a weird one but thanks for some education about Portugal.


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