Tuesday, June 25, 2019

From The Spamfiles

One answer Liz gave me last week, which she heard from someone else, is that the reason for the spam comment was because someone was trying to rig SEO to kick up their website in search results. So in addition to being liars, they really want to spread their misinformation. Jerkoffs.

Anyway, spam.

What’s just to say hello? The kissing emojis? Because that’s not really a hello.

I know. The hello.

That many free spins would make me nauseous.

Look, another spam comment, although this one’s much nicer than the last one. Not sure I’d trust anyplace called “horsyland” though (because yes, we all want your amateur opinion). I wish I thought to check where the link actually goes to. Probably somewhere similar to her email address.

A cancer widow! I mean, it doesn’t say specifically if she’s a widow, but they always are.

And the sext is fire, apparently. Frankly, it’s better than what’s usually sent in those.


  1. Yes, your blog is loaded with horse training stuff.

  2. Some people say hello with a kiss, so that's valid.

    It's good to have a powerful blog.
    I want to have a powerful blog. Like the Hulk.

  3. Just two days to live? That's precise.

    What if the gullible rube- I mean, the nice person- she's sending the email to is off on a camping trip for a week? She'll be in the ground for at least three days before they get the email.

    The Portugal rage spammer from last week hit one of my posts yesterday. And a Middle East cleaning company did the same.

  4. I'd take the free spins! Be like a ride at the fair.

  5. "Please follow me back" was a spam comment I got this week, too. I can't remember what it was about, but it wasn't horsy, so I guess that's the current spam iteration. I guess they have to keep changing it up.

  6. "I know. The hello." <--- Hahahahahahahahaha!

    What kind of spins, I wonder. Would it be like playing Press Your Luck?


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