Tuesday, May 7, 2019

May Goals

Oh, man, it’s Threemilk already. Summer’s right around the corner. Not that it feels that way around here!

So let’s look at how badly I’ve failed my goals this month:

April Goals
1. Finish the notes from my beta readers.
Yes, in a minor miracle, I did do this.

2. Work on all the notes that I’ve made because of suggestions from my beta readers.
I…didn’t do this. Like, at all. I wanted to, but I just felt… creatively drained. Also just drained in general. April was a stressful month.

3. If I’m able to finish the first two notes, then I can start editing the short story I wrote last year.
Yeah, if I didn’t do the last one, you probably shouldn’t expect me to do this one.

Not very good last month. I really wish I could just plug myself in and recharge. It would make things a lot easier.

May Goals
1. Start making nots for my other WIP, because I feel more enthused about working on that project than my other one.

2. Hopefully actually get to the notes on WIP 1 this time.

3. Find something to do to recharge myself creatively. I have no idea what, though.

That’s my (hopeful) plan for this month. What are your plans for this month? What do you do when you need to recharge creatively?


  1. Take a vacation. Even just a weekend. That might recharge you.

  2. I'd like to plug in and recharge, too. Someone needs to get on that.

  3. They call those drugs, that whole "plugging in and recharging" thing. I mean, if you look back historically, that's what lots and lots of artists (I'm including writers in that) did to achieve artistic inspiration.
    Not that I'm suggesting that, just pointing out a fact.

  4. I wish it was as easy as plugging in and recharging. I firmly believe that if you're not feeling like working on something, you should work on something else. The charge will come back if you've figured out the issue. Until then, work on whatever you feel inspired to work on.

  5. I agree with Kate. There's something to be said for working on the thing that excites you in the moment. As long as you're not on deadline. It'll probably take you twice as long to do the thing that you're just not feeling.

    As for recharging, I'm with you. I've had way too many nights where I just can't look at my knitting. (We won't discuss my writing. It hasn't happened for a while now.)

  6. Among other things, finding new lodgings so I can be done and over with dealing with a nitwit landlord whose incompetence seems to grow by the day.

  7. Hope you find that recharge solution. the conference I'm going to always charges me up.

  8. Just did my May goals or for me New Moon goals. Mainly cleaning and down sizing.
    Coffee is on


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