Tuesday, May 14, 2019

From The Spamfiles

Yay, it’s time again!

Somehow I don’t think this is going to help if you’re fed up with fake dating. For some reason.

You’re really mixing your tones there, Jasmine. Feels very tsundere.

Damn it, not Greg again. Although I was honestly more surprised to see the name “Karole”. That’s a new one on me.


Uh, okay. Congratulations on your skills? Not sure what you’re looking for here.

Fed up with fake dating? Have I got the site for you!


  1. Somehow I don't think those Asian beauties will rock me like a hurricane...

  2. Are you sure your real name isn't Greg?

  3. Greg Smith is an enigma wrapped inside a puzzle cloaked by a mystery. He's a rumour and a conjecture. And a complete jackass whose digital profile has circled the world.

  4. So it's a robot girlfriend? From Japan?
    So Asian girlfriends.
    It all makes sense.

  5. Why are all the spam dating and such always sent by females? I guess they realize women are smarter and won't fall for this stuff?

  6. Isn't the label 'prefect girlfriend' supposed to come from someone else?

  7. LOL at Liz's comment. Yeah, when are they going to tempt the other 50% of us? Because it sounds really tempting.


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