Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Writing Update

I guess I’m a little hard up for blog ideas because I’m writing about writing. Which, I mean, initially that was what this blog was about. I guess the topic got kind of boring for me, which isn’t to say that writing is boring for me. But yeah, sometimes talking about it is.

I still don’t write as much as I should. When I’m finally done with all the other things I have to do each day, I don’t have that much time left. Sometimes it’s only ten or twenty minutes and that isn’t enough time for me to get into it without being interrupted to go do something else. It’s frustrating. Maybe if I didn’t have to sleep I’d actually have some free time.

Part of me feels weak about this. So many of you guys have kids and a bunch of things going on and still you manage to write! I’m so impressed! And envious! How do you find the time and energy? But I’m not going to blame myself for not being able to do it, too. Okay, maybe a little. I am still me, after all.

I like my new story idea and while that’s good, I wish I still had the motivation to write last year’s story. I don’t know what’s up with that. I feel stuck on it even though I know what needs to happen. It’s frustrating. I look at it with my hands on the keyboard and nothing comes out, so I leave before the block gets any bigger.

So it goes. That’s what I’m doing. I’m still adding things to my shiny new idea in hopes of keeping it fresh and interesting. You guys up to anything good?


  1. Even without kids, I struggle to find time some days. Usually the only way writing happens is if I just decide I'm going to do it and block out and hour or so and just do it.

  2. It's a hard thing to have that energy left at the end of the day.
    Some days, I don't have it at the beginning of the day.

  3. Time can be so elusive, particularly at the end of long days.

  4. Finding time and motivation at the end of a busy day is hard. Maybe switch it up and try mornings. You might find you're more inspired. And getting up at 5am is so painful, you have to write or you're wasting valuable sleeping time!

  5. It's a matter of making time. And no, I'm not making time for my writing, either. Like today I could have totally carved out an hour or two to just write, but did I?

    Ah well. Blame it on January.


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