Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Place Your Bets

The Super Bowl is coming up. Honestly, I could care less but as I’ve told you, I seem to have some sort of magic power that can change the outcome of games. It’s happened four times now, all when the Patriots have played. Look, I’ve chronicled it using stick figure comics!



It also means I have an incredible—and mostly pointless—super power. I turn on the game once, the Patriots lose. Twice and they win. Will this be the fifth year that it happens? We shall see.

Honestly, I should totally be using this for personal gain. If anyone wants to Paypal me money to influence the game, have at it. We’ll have an auction.

Bids start at a hundred bucks.

Trust me. There are fans rabid enough to pay it. 


  1. I have no dog in the fight, so don't care who wins. But I am curious to see if your super power holds up!

  2. I have a friend who is a big Eagles fan, so just tune in once, okay?

  3. See, I care so little, until this post, I didn't even know who was playing.

  4. Only turn it once so they'll lose! LOL

  5. My writing group was going to meet on Sunday. Then the male pointed out the Super Bowl. I thought we should meet anyway...

    Yeah, I don't care. Though, you should totally put money down on the game. You could make a mint.

  6. As the only Pats fan in your comments, may I request that you please turn the game on twice. :)

    I'll get my PayPal account ready...

  7. I know very little about football, but I think you need to turn the TV on twice. For science....

  8. I saw something about the superbowl the other day and realized I had no idea who was playing nor did I really care. XD


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