Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Weird Searches

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, right?

Ask your dog if it burns when he pees. Then you’ll know.

The sleeping habits of snails are important to know!

The ones about how to get taller may be because of my own personal search history.

If google knows what those things are called just from you typing those things” you may need to adjust your privacy settings.

Because you have a fungus! Get some athlete’s foot powder! Yes I know you don’t work out it’s just the name! 


  1. The those things search could have turned up much worse...

  2. Do snails sleep? And where do slugs go in the winter? They are mostly water - you would think they'd freeze to death.

  3. Electrodes. Those things on giraffes' heads are electrodes.

  4. You can find out anything on the internet.... Although, the answer to those questions may not be correct when you find them.

  5. What's scary is how often those suggestions are close to what I'm actually searching for.

  6. Those things in the sky are clouds.

    And planes.

    And Mob accountants turned government informers being thrown out of planes.

    Without a parachute.


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