Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Yes, another entry in what is coincidentally becoming spam month. I got this last week and it was too outlandish not to share right away.

Harsh, right? I honestly thought at first that it was in my spam folder in error, except… there’s something off about it, even beyond the crazy ranting. There’s the fact that they call me by my email address, which, come on, who does that? And it’s so non-specific. Just that I’ve pissed this obvious lunatic off somehow. And apparently so did my sister? Which is even weirder.

Not that she pissed someone off to this level. That I believe. But I’ve mentioned having a sister very, very few times and she doesn’t even have that email address, so there’s no connection there. Like I said, the whole thing is off.

I was suspicious enough about it that I googled first the name (no results) and then the web domain. That got something. Some guy was talking about receiving an almost identical message, including the mention of the sister. It got him in a lot of trouble with his girlfriend, who thought he was cheating on her. Do they just send these out to everyone in hopes that they have a sister? Because there are plenty of people without one.

Then a few days ago I got another one:

Different email address and mostly different name, except for the EJ. The diction is so weird! “I do not know why”, “It does not mean anything” “Have you not heard of hook up?”. Which, by the way, makes this even more preposterous. Perhaps that was the point. Antagonize me until I reveal personal information to disprove that I’m the person they’re looking for. Someone should inform them that I don’t bother arguing with crazy.

Have any of you ever received any spam like this? Any thoughts as to what the point of this thing was?


  1. That's rather extreme. Maybe they are just looking for someone who will engage them in an argument.

  2. That is so weird. I feel sorry for the guy who got into trouble with his girlfriend. (The sister thing would leave me out of it.) Since I don't open my spam, I wonder if I got something like this. I've gotten several to a different email address (the one that gets all the spam) calling me by my email address. Which is not my name.

    I'm curious, but not curious enough to open my spam...

    1. I just checked my spam in that one email address, and both of these are in there. I think. I didn't open either, but those first lines match. Wow.

  3. That's a new one to me.
    But, then, I do get all the fun vampire stuff.

  4. That's pretty horrible! I've never seen that one before, or anything like it.

  5. Nope. Nothing like that for me. It makes me wonder if this is a new thing? Maybe triggered by visiting specific sites? Weird for sure.

  6. Yeah, that's harsh! And I thought the recent onslaught of spam I've received suggesting that I'm vastly overweight was rude.

  7. Wow! Now that is weird. I haven't received anything like that.


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