Tuesday, May 23, 2017

From The Spamfiles

Might as well, seeing as that’s what the rest of the month has been about!

HOT girls! They’re on fire! Please send an ambulance!

She doesn’t want to be taken advantage of! So give her your social security number.

There is nothing more suspicious than Jennifer spelled with one N and two F’s.

The poor grammar is typical, but usually the cancer widows are better about spelling. She’s going to have to find someone else to distribute her money to keep it from her husband’s adorpted child.

I’m kind of afraid to find out what you’re supposed to do with that apple cider vinegar.

…Spam isn’t even pretending that it’s not directed at serial killers anymore.


  1. Because every family needs an assault riffle. Of course, here in the South, some recipients of that email would want to know if it comes with a deer sight.

  2. All of them need proofreaders. Bad.

  3. I know what you're supposed to do with the vinegar...

  4. Since the last one I've noticed a few of the accusing-me-of-something variety. I still have no idea what they get out of that.

    As for "Jeniffer"... Yeah, I've seen that spelling. On kiddos at the schools. Sorry to say. (I've also seen Issac and a couple other switching of the double letters.)

    And the apple cider vinegar... I did that cleanse. You have to drink it. It's as bad as it sounds. (For the record, I got the cleanse from a chiropractor that I saw in person. Not from some rando on the internet.)

  5. You get all the fun spam. I still only get the stuff that suggests I am super overweight. I'm trying not to take it personally, but...

  6. You get the best spam! Although I did get a good one in the comments on my blog yesterday. Some woman offering me social media services to get back at a cheating husband. Ummm…. Delete!

  7. Because people who actually get cancer refer to it as "the cancer problem."

  8. I almost missed the spam file. I'm never brave enough to actually open one though I do enjoy the misspelled subject lines.


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