Saturday, May 20, 2017


Another frigging update for Windows 10. Spoiler alert, it doesn’t remove the suck.

In all fairness, it wasn’t all terrible. I can scroll in large documents again. Except now for some reason, now the Number Lock won’t turn off so I can’t use the Home and End buttons there…but only when I’m online. In Word, it’s fine. But if I’m typing into an address bar and want to jump to the beginning, it just goes 77777. Unless I hold down the Control button.

It’s so stupid. Microsoft is unmaking Windows 10 one update at a time.


  1. Was that the "Creator's Update"? Because I haven't noticed any differences.
    Well, except that Chrome crashes ALL the time now.
    And they continue to be more aggressively pushy about Edge.

  2. Now you know why I am still using Windows 7.
    And I'd never use Chrome.

  3. You just know when a tech company says they're doing something that makes anything better or simpler that it'll just be the opposite. Google's new log in these days seems to find great joy in not letting me log in on the first try.

  4. Makes me so very glad I use a Mac...

  5. I set up a new computer a while back for my Dad, and it had Windows 8 on it (I think it was 8, anyway), and just going through the set-up made me decide that it was the Devil's operating system. Nice they're continuing that trend. My PC is still running Windows 7. Sounds like I'm not missing anything. :)

  6. Some of us are still on Vista... (Yeah, I need to upgrade my machine. One of these days.)

  7. Updates are scary. I don't trust them.


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