Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Goals

Happy Threemilk everyone! It’s the best month out of the year. Not too hot, not too cold, and the bugs aren’t out in full force yet. It’s also finally stopped raining all the time. But that might be a New England thing. Anyway, goals.

April Goals
1. Get at least 5000 words done. I know that’s not a lot, but I’m so busy!
Did this, plus some extra. Woo!

2. Get to work on my side-blog project. I’m going to need to work super hard to get all this done. Thankfully this might be doable since I have some awesome people helping me.
It’s all done, woo! We did a great job. Mostly everyone else, of course : ).

3. Update my etymology page. I don’t want to put it off too long!
An easy one. It’s all up to date up to the question words.

Hey, I did it all. And now I’m really, really tired. Okay, what am I doing this month?

May Goals
1. Write at least 5000 more words. I’d like to have more, but I also want to do some minor editing to make sure the whole thing is working right.

2. Check out some old projects and see if any of them are worth working on.

3. Now that it’s warm enough, spring cleaning.

So these are my plans for Threemilk. What are you up to this month?


  1. Perfect score for you!
    I don't think we have a month like that.

  2. You had a great April. Make May more of the same.

  3. May is not too hot? I want to move where you are. (I've broken out the summer wardrobe already.)

    Congrats on getting your goals accomplished. (Take a second look at your goal #1...)

  4. Good work on meeting all your goals! May you do it again this month.

  5. I can relate to feeling tired- I had to move yesterday!

  6. It's still cold where I am. Spring can get here any time.

    Good luck with your new goals.

  7. I was in Maine all last week, and it rained every single day. But at least the last of the snow finally melted. My family was quite pleased by that. :)

    Way to go on meeting all your April goals! Best of luck replicating that achievement this month!

  8. I have some plans for this month. The one I'm worried about getting to is my outside work. It needs to stop raining.


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