Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Goal I Might Be Able To Keep

Of all the yearly resolutions I made, meaning able to leave the planet is the one I wanted to keep the most but never thought I would.

There are seven planets circling this tiny little barely bigger than Jupiter star, including three that could possibly support life! Plus it’s only forty lightyears away. Which is 235,100,000,000,000 miles. Someone really needs to get to work on making Warp Drive.

Not that living there will be entirely perfect. They might be tidally locked to the sun, like the moon is to the Earth, which means the same side is always facing it. So on one side it’s day all the time and the other is night all the time, with perpetual twilight around the middle. That actually makes for extreme weather conditions, plus the three planets that possibly have water are so hot that they probably don’t have much. Still sounds better than Earth right now, though.

These planets are so cool. All seven of the orbiting planets are closer to their star than Mercury is to the sun, so close in fact that their orbits are mere Earth days. They’re also so near each other that you can see the other planets like we see the moon. Well, probably. They don’t know what the atmospheres are made of. For all we know they’re impossible to see off of.

What do you guys think about the new planets? Any sci-fi-y ideas about what they might be like?


  1. There's a set of interlocking stories I have in my head about different worlds that are all linked through wormholes (kind of like Stargate, but not quite). We just need to get on that, and then maybe we can go and visit ;)

  2. It might be better for our planet if we took a certain sort of person (such as, for instance, my idiot ex-brother-in-law) and dumped them in the nearest black hole.

  3. It's always exciting to imagine what another world might be like. Hopefully if there is intelligent life on one of these new planets they haven't trashed their planet as badly as we've managed to trash ours.

  4. Until someone gets there, we won't know for certain that they are inhabitable. If you are up for the trip, go for it.

  5. Sounds like enough to make one dizzy.


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