Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Fourth Time

Of all the possible super powers to get, why do I get the stupidest one?


  1. Can you use it next year when my team is playing?
    Superpowers is just about the only explanation for how they came back and won. Shame the rest of the game wasn't as exciting.

  2. That must be used for personal gain!

    Well, there's a stupider super power... one of the minor X-Men basically has a psychic connection with oversized maggots. And that's his codename- Maggot.

  3. LOL Maybe you should put some money down next time. ;)

  4. I left the room, assuming it was over. And then Bam! All my menfolk started shouting and laughing.

  5. Now that you know it works, it'll never work again.


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