Tuesday, February 21, 2017

From The Spamfiles

Spam time!

This woman was married to a shipping tycoon! You don’t see many tycoons these days. Too bad. It’s a fun word to say. How does one get to be a tycoon anyway? I don’t think this counts as a cancer widow, though, since she just has “a very critical health challenges”.

FUBAR! Also I love the emojis.

I won the Asian Google Sweepstakes again. How do I keep getting entered in this thing?

A Work-load part time job, as opposed to a non-Work-load part time job. Get $350 a week! You’re not using both kidneys, right?

Damn my Nigerian partners. I told them to kill this guy after he transferred the money to my account. Doesn’t anybody listen anymore?!

It’s been so long since I’ve gotten one of these pills-from-a-Canadian-pharmacy messages filled with random words that form nonsensical sentences. I still find them hilarious.

Please matt shook his attention on them.


  1. You have to play Monopoly to get to be a tycoon.

  2. I had another one of those scammers the other day in my blog- a British lottery type.

    Why do scammers think they'll take you more seriously if they add a Dr. to their title?

    And Crawford doesn't sound very Bulgarian, but if you google the name, more scam notices come up.

  3. Are those the monkeys that eventually will type out a Shakespeare play? At least they're getting words...

  4. I think I got the tycoon one too the other day. At my work email address. They make me giggle.


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