Tuesday, March 29, 2016

April Goals

What’s this? My April Goals…in March? What insanity is this?

Well, it’s because the A-to-Z Challenge starts on Friday and the first Tuesday in April, which is normally reserved for my goals’ post, is an etymology post starting with the letter E. I mean, sure, I could double post, but then I would have to think up another post for here, wouldn’t I?

Okay, let’s see how I did last month. Which is this month.

March Goals
1. Finish the pattern (again! Like I never work on it!). All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.
I…actually did it. Honest and truly. I even printed it out. It’s done and I…I’m getting a little overcome with emotion right now. Onto the next.

2. Write! Please this time!
No : (, at least nothing that was FUN to write. Sigh…

3. Get all my Challenge posts set up so they’re ready to post. Hey, I might actually be able to do this one!
Yes, I did it! As you will see starting Friday.

Not bad! I feel like I actually accomplished something this month. So onto April…

April Goals
1. The Challenge! Visit at least five new blogs every day. At least finding new ones won’t be a problem!

2. The pattern is done, so do some actual writing this time, dammit!

3. Spring Cleaning. Yeah, I’m making this a goal. Might as well have an easy one :P.

So that’s my plan for April. What about you? Anything interesting going on?


  1. Good work on achieving at least some of your goals. I'm planning to write 40K on a new book in April. Plus A-Z posts. So yeah… busy. Although I have actually done a little work on my A-Z stuff and have a few posts ready to go for once.

  2. You did good!
    My posts are all written and formatted and I even have Friday's scheduled. Way ahead of the game.

  3. How wonderful you finally finished the pattern. That's been on your list for a while.

  4. Good luck with your April goals. I do monthly goals too and need to get my post set up and ready to go to hold myself accountable.

  5. Good for you getting those challenge posts done in advance.

  6. You're ahead of me. I only have 12 A to Z posts done. (But I always do my posts a week in advance, so this is way ahead for me.) And I'm sending good thoughts about you getting back to writing. I know I finally did this week.


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