Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Dot

Am I the only one who is driven crazy by a dead pixel on a screen?
You might be thinking that it’s saner to just replace the laptop. But have you seen how expensive a good one is?


  1. I just checked. My screen really is just dirty. Lucky me.

  2. I get that with the odd bit of dust on the screen.

  3. Is it still looking at you? It is, isn't it.... Sorry, I'm not helping.

    I read somewhere that ((sometimes)) you can revive a dead pixel by first making a mental note of where the offensive pixel is located, then using a small, soft, and blunt object (pen cap or something similar) rub that point on your screen for a few seconds. But then again, I also read that can make things worse.

    Never mind, burn it and get new one. :D

  4. That never happened to me. Hopefully it isn't contagious to other pixels.

  5. I can't decide if the irregularities on my screen are dead pixels or long-lasting crud.


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