Tuesday, January 19, 2016

From The Spamfiles

Hey, first one of the year! Awesome!

I get these a lot. Seriously, way too much. These women really don’t take the hint that I’m not interested.

Solar Steam Power: the weird invention that saved a family during a hurricane.

Boy, you think a big company like USAA would be able to afford a domain name with the correct number of A’s in it.

Messages like this are getting pretty common on Tumblr. They always have a profile of a pretty young woman and are always asking you to just do one simple thing for them. Some, like this, are more obviously fake than others.

What? Rachel Rachael is a very common German name.

Love this. Just love it. It’s like one of those puzzles where you search it for hidden images, but in this case it’s spammer red flags. Like the fact that the word “Boss” is capitalized for some reason, the mention of a lottery, which is the freebie in spam bingo, and of course the fact that the guy’s name is Harrell Chris. I just can’t even.

There really should be a spam bingo.

I know what my next project is!


  1. Spam bingo - you could make a fortune!
    Solar power in the middle of a hurricane? Not going to happen.

  2. Well, at least your spam program is catching some for you.

    What amused me was as I hovered my cursor over that last image, I realized I could post it to Pinterest. LOL

  3. This steam solar power sounds like the next big thing. I'd get on board now to deflect those hurricanes.

  4. Solar and steam power are just so WEIRD.

    Lately, all the mail in my spamfile comes with blinky emoticons. Whatever joker convinced third world spammers that Americans use these things in their email headers is brilliant! Right up there with convincing them we begin business communication with Hello My Dear ...

  5. I'm of the impression that telling someone you're (or were) an FBI agent when you're not is a felony. I wonder if the spamming spammer grasps that.

  6. Those are really funny. Mine is all Nigerian princes wanting me to secure money for them....

  7. Wait... What kind of spam?
    Cause I think it should be that canned meat.

  8. Oh yes, spam bingo. A must.

    Several years ago now, I got suckered into entering info on something or other (it was some sort of personality quiz), but I wasn't interested in entering my real name and address. Over the last two days, I've gotten like 5 emails addressed to this fictional name (unfortunately, I used a real email address). These things remain floating out there, forever, it seems...

  9. I hear USAA got the extra A in a sweet deal with Harrell Chris' boss.

  10. That reminds me of how on Instagram there are all these phony accounts with profiles of pretty women and questionable links.


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