Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Oh, right. My cache of previously written posts is used up. I have to start actually writing them again.

First, the good news. Roland Yeomans has a new book coming out! The title is LUCIFER'S ORPHAN, and it’s quite good. I even reviewed it for him. I’m not going to rehash everything here (you can go read the review for that), but the short version is that it’s a Paranormal full of romance and magic, MG technically, but that didn’t stop me from loving it. Roland does a great job with crafting characters. I read it in two sittings because it was that hard to put down.

As for this blog’s news, you may or probably not have noticed that I added a new page to the top of my blog. Go scroll up and look. I’ll wait.

See? Etymology. It’s my birthday gift to the blog, which turned three yesterday. Can you believe it? It’s potty trained and completely off the bottle! I swear, I came this ][ close to just deleting it in frustration after I spent two hours trying to get the formatting right (the reason I was almost completely absent from the internet is because I was so annoyed with it). The reason the columns are so terribly uneven is because apparently, Blogger hates the column function. It won’t even keep the tabs I used in Word, which…well, let me show you.

I assume you notice how nice and even they are. BUT NOT HERE. That just drives my inner neurotic nuts, especially since for some reason the “Edit” function keeps selecting everything so I can’t add spaces. If any of you have any idea how to create even columns in blog pages (or anything else that might work for the word list; I’m open to suggestions), let me know. It will be your birthday present to the blog.

All right, I’m off to try and fix the blog page. Wish me luck. If you never hear from me again, assume I got lost in the html.


  1. I wonder if you can copy and paste a table from Word or Excel. I haven't tried it in Blogger.

    Happy blogiversary.

  2. Technical stuff can be so frustrating! Congrats to Roland!

  3. Roland is an awesome writer!
    They may not be even, but that is quite a list.

  4. Using the "tab" key never works. I mean, it works when you use it, but you can't transfer it anywhere else. You have to do your own margin setting and stuff.

  5. Congratulations to Roland!

    @Medeia: you can copy and paste from Word into Blogger. Columns, theoretically, from Word, would probably do fine.

    Blogger can be a pain at the best of times. If we don't hear from you, we'll assume you're stuck with Jeff Bridges in a virtual cyber-universe with strange lights and odd cyberbeings that look like Michael Sheen.

  6. When the formatting goes all wonky on me, I resort to looking up the html. Usually I can find a solution there. (Of course, I generally write my posts so I don't have to worry about the formatting going all wonky, so there's that.)

  7. LUCIFER'S ORPHAN - it sounds good from the title alone.

    Agreed. I hassle with Blogger formatting all the time. Grrr...


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