Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kitty Pictures!

Because some days, you just don’t feel like writing a blog post.

And be real. You know you want to see them.

Veronica, in her favorite sleeping position.


Sometimes when I’m writing, I’ll be leaning forward, concentrating. And suddenly, I feel a heavy weight pressing up against me.

Isn’t this cute? That’s my mom’s new kitten, who I was taking care of while she was in New York.

She named him Roger. Then she took him to the vet. Now his name is Rosie. And he’s a she.


  1. Serious Cat!
    Cute kitten. Maybe the next cat will be a Roger.

  2. Sometimes when I'm writing, I will just suddenly have a cat on my arms.

  3. Cute pics.

    My sister-in-law found two kittens in a dumpster a couple months back. My niece named them Winter and Shadow, so gender wasn't an issue. (Winter's a female, Shadow's a male.)

  4. Awww, the kitties are far too cute! I just want to hug them and spoil them rotten.

  5. I love cats. We once had this giant cat called Harold. Then Harold had kittens....

  6. My cats love to sleep in that position, too.

    And I once had a bunny named Guinevere because I thought Guinevere was a girl. She was not. Found that out when she (he) got really super excited to see one of my cats...

    Cute pics.

  7. I love cats! Yours are fabulously fluffy and funny. Best combination. :)


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