Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September Goals

Hello from the past! I’m actually writing this in the middle of August because the week that you’re reading this in is part of my blogcation and I’m not going to feel like writing then. What’s it like in the future? Are there any flying cars yet? I mean, besides the one that’s half-car, half-plane.

Writing form the past might make it difficult to evaluate my monthly goals, seeing how the month isn’t done yet, but considering the fact that my month is ending early anyway because of my vacation, who the hell cares?

August Goals

1. Keep on social media and keep searching for more beta readers for my YA apocalyptic. I really hope I remember it this month. Not that I know how to go about doing so…well, the goal should be to figure that out, then.
            Dang it, I was so bad with this one. I should have joined up with Write On Con, but it really happened at a bad time for me—I was busy with stuff that kept me from the computer and then was so worn out I didn’t feel like it anyway. Bah. Excuses!

2. Add 20K to new project. It’s a paranormal with an apocalyptic twist because I can’t really stray that far.
            I didn’t quite make this, but I was close, and I did try as hard as I could to get this done. I call this one a win.

3. Add 10K to my horror side project. Also, maybe reveal the horror story I wrote to you guys.
            Not ten thousand words, no. I did work on the horror story I wrote, but there was no time to share it. I’ve been thinking of waiting until October anyway. So it will get done, just not right now : ).

September Goals

1. Work on being more social online. It’s hard for me, but I want to be more active on the sites I’ve joined and get myself more out there. Ugh, I’m not looking forward to this.

2. Add 30K to my new project. I better do it, too!

3. Actually add something to the horror side project this time. I also have a few more horror ideas I want to expand (they’re just fragments right now; I’d like some actual thoughts on what to do with them).

I hope I’m successful this time. So what are you up to this month? Do you parents have more free time now that the kids are back in school or are you busier than ever?


  1. Well, the good news about WriteOnCon is that the forums and stuff are still open so you can go back and read what you missed.

  2. Why don't you come add some words to one of my projects?

  3. Parents may have more free time to write. Teachers do not!

    Today was my first day back, and I already had to move one student's seat and reprimand another for being a smart aleck. I'd say they weren't putting their best foot forward -- except I'm worried that WAS their best foot!

    But I'm not too tired to write! So a few blog visits, then back to the WIP.

  4. Just focus on a couple social sites. At the height of my series' release, I was on 25 social sites. Who has time for that? I pared it back to 6, then 5, then 4, and now it's barely 3. That I can (mostly) manage.

  5. Agreed. Find your favorite social media site, and be social there. Once you've mastered (well, gotten more social on) one, then move on to another (if you feel like you need to).

    I have times like that. The goals get pushed forward. Eventually they get done.

  6. You came to my blog so that's a step in the right direction :) Most important thing is to keep writing. You can do it!!

  7. The social media stuff is HARD! haha. I can never seem to catch up with my goals for it! I need to write some really strict goals now that I have a part-time job and more time to write.

  8. At present, I'm frantically looking for new housing, but something has come up that sounds promising, and close to where I am.

    Two years til 2015, and still no sign of flying cars. Damn you, Robert Zemeckis!!!


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