Saturday, September 14, 2013

Going Postal 3

And here’s my third and last repost to celebrate my third blogiversary, which will actually occur on Monday the 16th. As I already did my most viewed post and what I think was the best one, I’m now going to repost my overall favorite…

Why You Should Use Bags [Originally posted Saturday, December 24, 2011]

Have a very merry Christmas. Or, if you prefer, holiday. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe. Here’s my gift to you. I worked very hard on it.

Okay, I worked on it.

…it’s filler so I don’t have to think up a new post.

Click to embiggen.

Let this be a lesson to all of you. Don’t wrap presents. Use bags. Because wrapping is really, really annoying. Oh, and the environment or something.

It may just be something I scribbled in Paint, but I still find it hilarious. And also accurate. Cats do not make good helpers when it comes to wrapping presents. A close second in my favorites, perhaps only skipped because it was so recent, is my post about giant candy buttons. Further proof that the world doesn't love us.


  1. Cats are terrible helper elves when you're wrapping. They want to be right in the middle. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, their fur gets stuck in the tape and the recipient gets a little something extra.

  2. No!! Never get the wrapping paper with glitter. Crap will be everywhere. Plus tape doesn't really stick to it. Just say no. Use grocery store bags instead.

  3. I remember the candy buttons!

    Your comic is just proof that you don't wrap enough presents. Eventually, you get good at it.
    And I hate the bags. They're a gyp.

  4. LOL

    Better yet, get Santa bags for the kids. Leave them open and empty on Christmas Eve and let Santa fill them with *un-wrapped* toys from his workshop. ;)

  5. I love when you get that slippery paper and tape it really good over the present...then NO ONE can get it open!!

  6. Wrapping presents...reminds me of the year that my Girl Scout troop volunteered for some wrapping present booth thing. They taught us the "proper" way to wrap.

    Yep, I use bags.

  7. Of course cats will get all naughty whilst one is wrapping things. The idea of inconveniencing their staff is one of their great pleasures!

  8. I wrapped my mother's Christmas presents in Sunday PEANUTS CARTOONS that I had saved all year for that very purpose. Have the fun for her was reading what strips I had selected. :-)


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