Saturday, January 28, 2023

Holiday Schedule

Great communication, guys.
Panel 1, caption “The Week After MLK Day”, a neighbor comes up to me, “Hey, they didn’t pick up my trash either. What’s going on? Is it because of the holiday last Monday?” Panel 2, I say, “Weird. It’s always been a normal schedule unless the holiday is ON pickup day.” They say, “I never heard anything about them changing it.” Panel 3, I take out my phone, “There’s nothing on the town website about it either. Hmm.” Panel 4, the next week, I’m reading the local paper, “‘Interesting article in the local paper. Trash cans lining the street all week. Apparently they changed the pickup schedule and just didn’t tell anyone.”

There seriously wasn’t even anything on the town website. If it was decided at a town meeting, no one bothered to tell anyone else about it.


  1. Whoops. You'd think it would be someone's job to inform the public.

  2. The trash and recycling pick up for my apartment building isn't beholden to city schedules, fortunately.

  3. Communicating these things is the most important thing about any change like this. Way to drop the ball, people!

  4. Maybe they thought about telling everyone and figured that was enough.


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