Tuesday, January 31, 2023

From The Spamfiles

Yay, bonus Tuesday! I have a whole week before I have to think about the stuff I didn’t accomplish this month.

message supposedly from Instagram, saying someone requested to “recover Your Instagram password!”
If you want people to believe you’re from the company, don’t use emojis or random capital letters. Also make sure they actually have an account at that company. It’s scamming 101.

Message from Open Immediately about my WINNING NOTIFICATION, with a “ref” of random numbers, and the name Alyson in there for some reason.
Is Alyson the one giving me the money or am I supposed to be Alyson?

Message from info (ellipsis) at symbol (ellipsis) penincbusic, saying I only have one day left to avail this deal. Yes, they use avail.
I have to admit, this is the first time I’ve seen avail used in a spam message. Or any message at all, for that matter.

Message from Thank You UPS saying I received a UPS award
To think, I didn’t even know UPS gave away awards to random people. Do I get a package that was abandoned or something?

Random Tumblr follower with a bunch of random letters for a name I’ve had with a picture of a random girl (fully clothed, for a change), who is “Looking for sexy partner” with a lot of emojis thrown in everywhere, including a bowl of rice, the moon, a tongue, a donut, a pointing hand and a ok symbol hand, and a hamster.
These are the kind of blogs that have been following me on Tumblr recently. Notice the name is a bunch of random letters, but also has “Gloria” in there, as if that makes it normal. The emojis really take the cake, though. The moon? A donut? A hamster??? There is nothing good about this.


  1. Sexy and hamster should never go together.

  2. Yes, that creepy pornbot one is way too weird.

  3. I wonder how you're supposed to pronounce her name...

  4. But if the bots learn emojis, we might have a harder time picking them out. Or maybe not.

  5. You received a UPS award!?! Just think of the honor and prestige!! And all the lost packages you can carry...

    And yeah...that emoji usage is creeping me out.


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