Tuesday, April 19, 2022

From The Spamfiles

I know you’re excited!

Since we’re using emojis, the one I’d use for this would be 🙄.
First of all I’m apparently emailing this to myself. Second of all… what the hell is going on with the letters? Why is every O and A in red and P in blue??? What is special about those letters?????
Well, I’m in between the ages of 35-60, but I’m not a real gentleman, so I guess I won’t be holding the door for HOTINFINIT. Tough luck.

Definitely feeling uneasy about the quotes being used here. First ‘kills’, which just makes me think it’s going to kill the user, then “speechless”, which makes me think it’s going to kill the wives, too.

…Stay away from me and my pants, Unknown Commenter.


  1. My spam comments are always just advertising for another site. I'd be bothered by the pants one as well.

  2. Oh my. That last comment. Someone probably told them it was cute, but it's way creepy.

  3. That second one looks like the email equivalent of a cut out ransom note.

    That last one is very creepy.

  4. Spammers. Can't live with 'em. Can't kill 'em.


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