Tuesday, April 5, 2022

April Goals

Ugh, this again. Let’s see what I didn’t do last month.
March Goals
1. Get some feedback on my new WIP. It’s a contemporary mystery about the murder of a girl. It’s character driven and very different from what I usually write, so if anyone anywhere would like to look at it and give me some guidance, I’d really appreciate it.
Hey, I did this! Of course, this was less dependent on me than on who I could sucker into ask to help me with this.
2. Try to edit the WIP I keep avoiding. I might ignore it, but I can’t let myself forget it.
This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.
3. Keep working on my latest new project. This one should be easy, I hope.
I did finish the short story I was working on. And immediately decided to work on a new book because of course I did.
Meh. I guess I did most of what I wanted. It just doesn’t feel that way. And now…
April Goals
1. Keep searching for beta readers for my book. It’s almost like people have lives outside of me or something.
2. Work on writing the new WIP I’ve decided I have to write right now this very moment.
3. Update my etymology page, even though after a year I still can’t get the damn formatting right. Seriously, I HATE new Blogger.
What are you up to this month? Anyone able to beta read? Do you know how to get rid of the damn double space between lists of words? And DO NOT say hold down shift when you hit enter, that doesn’t work when you have thousands of words.


  1. The new Blogger interface is a pain. I html code everything before taking it into Blogger and it still messes up the links.

  2. New Blogger is difficult. I keep finding random highlighting in posts I know I never put there. And the font size changes for no reason. So annoying!

  3. The only thing I can think of is to make sure it's on normal mode and not paragraph, but I'm sure you did that already.

    You can hit me up in June for beta reading. At the moment I'm a bit preoccupied with, well, you know. How I keep getting pulled into these long term assignments, I'll never know. Well, I do know. I say yes. My fault.

  4. Hooray for finishing a short story—and for starting a new story!! Those are both awesome achievements...even if you're not yet ready to work on revisions for a certain other WIP.

    I could probably read for you in May, if that would help.

  5. So suggesting holding down shift is definitely out.

    I've got nothing.

  6. Your goals are commendable. Mine are, well, nonexistent. lol


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