Tuesday, July 6, 2021

July Goals

That’s it, half the year is gone. That happened way too fast. What was I up to last month?
June Goals
1. Finish the latest WIP. It’s turned out a bit longer than I expected, but this should be easy.
Hey, I did this! Who knows when I’ll get around to editing it, but the first draft is done.
2. Get to work on the beta reading notes for the old WIP. This one needs a lot more work!
Did not do this. Was too busy with the other stuff. Not sure when I’ll get to this one either, but it might not be worth it at this point.
3. Sigh. Actually work on the editing notes for my other WIP. Maybe it’ll be possible with the other one done.
Miracle of miracles, I actually did this! I got through almost all the notes. There’s just a few pages left. I added almost five thousand words just describing things I skimmed over.
Next, what’s up for July…
July Goals
1. Finish the notes on my WIP and start a new editing pass focused on improving descriptions and reactions, because I’m really bad at this.
2. Update my etymology page. It’s that time again!
3. Start the editing notes for the new WIP. Not sure I’ll have time to get to this, but it’s on the list now so I won’t forget.
That’s what I want to get done this month. What are your plans for July? Is it sweltering for you too?


  1. Today is relatively hot, but it's supposed to drop a few degrees tomorrow here.

  2. 2 out of 3 ain't bad. And those are big goals. This is the month of my birth, and it's a year that is a multiple of 10, so kinda looking forward to a new decade.

  3. 2 out of 3 is very good. Nicely done, and best of luck with your July goals.

    Hope you get some relief from the heat soon. It's summer in Florida, so it is miserably hot, but at least it's not any hotter than usual.

  4. You did great! If you get the same amount done in July, you'll be golden!

  5. Slightly warm here. But it's okay.
    Amazing how half the year has gone by!


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