Saturday, July 3, 2021

Background Music

Anyone else have this problem?
I’m just trying to watch a show, and I can either understand what they’re saying or not get deafened by the background music. Not both.
And do NOT suggest subtitles. I’m trying to watch, not read.


  1. Sometimes I do resort to subtitles.
    Most sound systems and smart televisions you can control the sound output. Play around with yours and see if a different setting doesn't reduce the background music. At least put it in the background.

  2. There are times when sub titles come in handy.

  3. Ha! I get it.
    I actually married someone with the opposite hearing issues to mine, so we tend to keep captions on because one or the other of us will probably need it at any moment, but it can be distracting. (Visiting from Liz A.)

  4. I hate that. You end up constantly adjusting the volume so you can hear the dialogue.

  5. Fight scenes, too. You have the volume up to hear the dialog, and then the fight scene blasts so loud the neighbors know what you're watching. (I just leave my captioning on all the time now. I know, I know. But it helps me process the dialog better anyway.)


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